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BDI Metal has experience in addressing audiences at different levels in educational institutions, from vocational high schools to undergraduate and graduate students.

We organized trainings on heat treatment and material selection for operators, technicians and engineers in industrial organizations.

We provide training in international compliance with the extensive Aerospace Material Specifications (AMS), American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) and Turkish Standards Institute (TSE) standard library.

We can provide training in accordance with the ARP1962B standard for aviation companies.

Trainings can be planned for the design personnel who select materials and heat treatment, the purchasing personnel who purchase materials, and the entry quality control personnel (technicians, technicians and engineers) who accept raw materials.

Training topics,

  • Materials

    • Steel, stainless steel​

    • Nickel, cobalt and iron based superalloys

    • Titanium and its alloys

    • Aluminum

    • Copper and its alloys

    • Magnesium and its alloys

  • Heat treatments of metals

  • CQI-9 Heat Treatment System assessment (CQI-9 Special Process: Heat Treatment System Assessment 4th Edition)

  • Critical standards for heat treatment such as AMS 2750G, AMS 2759

  • Checklist for NADCAP AC 7102 Heat Treatment

  • API Spec 16A Annex B heat treatment rating

  • How should System Accuracy Test (SAT) be done?

  • How should Temperature Uniformity Survey (TUS) be conducted?

  • What is TUS in accordance with ASTM A991/A991M standard?

  • Hardness

    • What is hardness measurement?

    • Hardness measurement methods [Brinell, Rockwell, Vikers and Knoop]

    • Hardness units and conversions

    • Accuracy, repeatability, resolution and sensitivity

    • Fixed type hardness measuring instruments

    • Handheld (portable) hardness measuring instruments

    • ASTM E10, E18, E92 and SAE J864

  • Metallographic sample preparation

    • Cutting, grinding, sanding, polishing and etching

  • Microstructure studies

    • Teaching structures such as ferrite, pearlite, martensite, bainite, residual austenite

  • Uses of industrial furnaces

    • Gas atmosphere furnaces

    • Cementation

    • Nitriding and nitro carburization

    • Neutral atmospheres

    • Vacuum furnaces​

    • Induction​


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