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BDI Metal has been the Turkey representative of Nitrex , a Canadian-based manufacturer of nitriding and nitrocarburization furnaces, since 2018.

Nitrex is an international company that offers ready-made solutions and turnkey systems in the field of nitriding and nitrocarburization. With more than 40 years of heat treatment experience, it is the undisputed leader in nitriding technologies in the world.

BDI Metal is the Turkish representative of Thermika, a manufacturer of high energy efficiency infrared heated furnaces used in the preheating of molds in the aluminum extrusion industry.

The Turkish representative of the Swiss Codere SA, which has proven itself to the whole world in both the aviation and automotive industries, especially in martempering and austempering technologies, is BDİ Metal.

BDİ Metal is the Türkiye representative of UPC Marathon, the world market leader that produces furnace control technologies and sensors.

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