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We think that we can contribute to you with the experience of many audits we have undergone over the years. Sometimes being the controlled and sometimes the controlling taught us the difficulties of both sides.


Starting from this point, we can prepare you for a heat treatment inspection. We can inspect the company from which you receive heat treatment services, report possible risks to you, and provide guidance for precautions. If you are doing your own heat treatment, we can review your heat treatment facility and plan corrective and preventive actions.

AIAG's heat treatment special document CQI-9 (Special Process: Heat Treatment System Assessment 4th Edition)   or let us carry out an audit in accordance with a procedure specific to you.

Let us perform an AIAG CQI-29 Brazing System Assessment at your business or supplier.

If you work for the oil industry, let us check the compliance of your facility or supplier with API Spec 16A - Annex B.

Let's check the compliance of your furnaces and heat treatment facilities with AMS 2750G .

Let us perform TUS in your ovens in accordance with ASTM A991/A991M standard.

CQI-9-4 or CQI-9 Special Process: Heat Treatment System Assessment 4th Edition
Pyrometry AMS2750F standard. The most important document of Heat Treatment
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