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What is CQI-9? For what purpose is it used?

Updated: Jun 24

CQI-9 was first published by the Automotive Industry Action Group (AIAG) in 2006 and is a system evaluation that evaluates your heat treatment style, developed within the scope of customer special requests, and ultimately provides a report for improvement.

CQI9 cover page. fourth version
Current CQI-9 cover page

Combined with an internationally recognized quality management system and applicable customer-specific requirements, it defines the basic requirements for heat treatment management systems.

Today, the 4th version, published in 2020, is used.

CQI-9 4th version consists of 9 process tables, each of which requires expertise.

Table A – Iron

Table B – Iron

Table C – Aluminum

  • Aluminum heat treatment

Table D – Iron

Table E – Annealing, Normalizing and stress relief

Table F – Low pressure (cementation, carbonitration, neutral hardening)

Table G – Sinter hardening

Table H – Ion nitration

Table I – Hot pressing

For what purpose is it used?

It is used to manage the heat treatment process or to evaluate (audit) the heat treatment supplier in businesses that perform heat treatment or supply heat treated parts to the automotive industry.

How can BDİ Metal help you?

You can request solutions suitable for your CQI-9 needs from BDİ Metal. We can train your company employees on both field practices and quality documentation, prepare you for a customer audit or perform a gap analysis on the system you have prepared.

You can check the link below for training,

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