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There was a recall due to heat treatment error for the second time in 2021!

Driveshaft failure is causing Honda to recall the 2021 Acura RDX and CR-V Hybrid SUVs in the United States.

recall car
Honda CR-V Hybrid SUV

The recall notice issued by the American National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) publicly disclosed that a component to the right of the left front drive shaft may have been improperly heat treated. According to the report, this could cause premature wear and result in the vehicle leaving the road.

Honda received notification from its supplier in late September after the suspect parts were assembled with insufficiently heat-treated steel balls for the front driveshaft outer joint subassembly. This recall was made because tests revealed that steel balls could be deformed from the heat generated by the drive shaft.

According to the statement, the recall includes a total of 41 Acura RDX models produced on September 28, 2021 and 238 units of the Honda CR-V Hybrid produced between September 28, 2021 and October 1, 2021.

In addition, during this period, Honda did not receive any field reports, accidents or injuries, or any warranty replacement requests regarding the issue.

When I evaluate this process from the perspective of a thermal processor, I would like to say that it is managed very successfully. Yes, there was a heat treatment error, the supplier did not realize it in time, but he noticed it later and informed his customer.

Special process management systems such as CQI-9 are designed and used to minimize these errors. Even though a problem during production was not detected, a quick reaction was given by the supplier.

Recognizing the problem and taking action before it causes injury to a person is proof that we really need CQI-9 or similar management systems.

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