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Top 10 major nonconformities encountered in IATF 16949!

The International Automotive Oversight Bureau (IAOB), announced the top 10 major nonconformities they encountered in 2021.

There is an inconvenience here.

I can't say that I am a pure-bred quality professional, but I have been involved with quality practices throughout my working life, so I have always enjoyed this type of publications.

Before we start, I would like to say that this article was prepared based on the information published by the IAOB. So who is this IAOB?

Who is IAOB?

IAOB is an organization that includes 20 of the 41 IATF contracted Certification Bodies. These certification bodies provide 3rd party assessments and certification to companies that conduct IATF 16949.

IAOB is a structure committed to ensuring that 20 certification bodies carry out accurate and impartial audits that meet all the requirements specified in IATF Rules 5.

Let's get to the numbers...

According to the published information, 12,868 major errors were recorded in the IAOB database in 2021. The major nonconformities in the top 10 represent 40.4% of the total nonconformities.

Which items are in the top three?

" Problem solving " in article 10.2.3 of the standard was the most frequently encountered error. The percentage of this error constitutes 21% of the errors in the top 10.

IATF 16949 clause 10.2.3 says that the organization must have a documented process(es) for problem solving, which includes root cause analysis and verification of the effectiveness of corrective actions implemented.

Repeated nonconformances and complaints reveal ineffective problem-solving for the auditor and everyone else. The corrective actions implemented should simply work and prevent similar nonconformities.

At number two , there is something in common with ISO 9001. Number 10.2.1 " nonconformance and corrective action " represents 19% of the top 10 major errors.

When risks are not well managed and complaints or nonconformities occur, the organization is responsible for responding to the nonconformity and taking action to control or correct it, as appropriate, and to deal with the consequences. Corrective actions should be reviewed for their effectiveness and appropriate to the impact of the nonconformities encountered.

In number three , we notice a type of error that has not been included in these lists before. " production process design output " in article . A 10% slice of the pie is reserved for this error.

Here are the top 10

IATF top10 nonconformities, cqi-9


Although this article is my first on this subject, as far as I know from the articles I have read before, the first two articles generally share the leadership. I can make two inferences from here,

  1. Auditors are looking deeper into problem-solving techniques.

  2. Businesses ignore their problems or do not pay as much attention to this issue as the standard demands.

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