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What is Instrument Calibration and Why is it Necessary?

Calibration can be a time-consuming process requiring expensive traceable devices, but high-precision signals result in better quality heat treatments and products, higher customer satisfaction and ultimately profits for the business.

Calibration is the process of comparing the input or output of a measuring instrument with the input or output signal of a standard, validated device. Detects and identifies any errors in the device under test. If the difference between the calibration device signal and the device under test is within the specified limits, the calibration is successful; otherwise it will fail.

If the device passes the calibration process, it can be used for measurement or production. However, if calibration fails, the device must be corrected or replaced. If repair or replacement is required, recalibration is a must. Only after successful calibration can the device or instrument be returned to the system (production).

The calibration tools themselves should be calibrated regularly to ensure integrity at all levels of the testing hierarchy. This process is known as traceability .

How to calibrate the screen (instrument) in heat treatment furnaces?

In order to calibrate the temperature display screens of furnaces, a field test instrument that meets the description below is needed.

2.2.23 FIELD TEST INSTRUMENT: An instrument meeting the requirements of Table 7, that has calibration traceable to a secondary standard instrument or better and is used to conduct on-site calibrations or tests of thermal processing equipment.

Field test instrument used within BDİ Metal

In the heat treatment furnace, the connection between the screen and the thermocouple is disconnected and the simulated temperatures are sent to the screen from the field test device installed in its place and deviations are recorded.

How can BDİ Metal help you?

Field testers and experienced teams can calibrate oven screens in accordance with AMS 2750G and CQI-9 requirements. BDİ Metal pyrometry services can be your solution partner regardless of oven type, screen or manufacturer.

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