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What is SAT? How to do it?

Comparing the temperature measurement chain of the heat treatment furnace, which is also used as system accuracy test in Turkish and system accuracy test in English, with another system.

First, let's examine how SAT is defined in the standards,

AMS 2750G:

2.2.72 SYSTEM ACCURACY TEST / SYSTEM ACCURACY TEST (SAT): Evaluation of the combined errors or sum of correction factors of the sensor, extension cable (and connectors) and instrument to ensure compliance with the requirements of Table 11 or 12. COMPARISON SAT : An evaluation by comparing the difference between the readings of the thermal processing equipment sensor system under test (sensor, extension cord and device) and the corrected reading of the test sensor system (test sensor, extension cord, field tester) after testing sensor and field tester correction factors are applied (see 3.4.7). Also called "probe control". ALTERNATE SAT: Mathematical evaluation of the sum of the errors or correction factors of the thermal processing equipment sensor and the calibration error or correction factor of the connector, extension cable and device conduit (see 3.4.8).

How to do SAT?

There are some differences in the implementation of SAT in the two pyrometry standards, AMS 2750G and CQI-9. The most critical of these differences is the distance between the oven control sensor and the test sensor. While CQI-9 requires a maximum of 5cm , AMS 2750G is a little more flexible and allows up to 7.5cm .

It is done with a sensor that has been previously placed in the oven or is immersed in the control sensor with the help of a port, observing the above distances, and a field test device that will read the temperature of this sensor. Of course, this test sensor and field test device must meet the specifications required by the standard.

How can BDİ Metal help you?

It can offer you system accuracy testing (SAT) service in accordance with both CQI-9 and AMS 2750G. BDİ Metal has the necessary infrastructure and technical knowledge for different types of measurement systems of different furnaces.

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